Maharashtrian Grandma Becomes YouTube Sensation with Her Recipes


Suman Dhamne hails from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. She is 70 year old and is an internet sensation. However, until a few months ago, hardly anyone knew her. But, Suman has become a favourite of people because of her culinary skills.

Actually, Suman prepares Maharashtrian food with traditional taste. And she has a YouTube Channel on which she uploads the recipe videos of her food. Suman does not know how to speak Hindi, she speaks only Marathi.

So far, she has shared around 150 recipe videos on her YouTube channel. Her grandson, Yash Pathak created Suman’s YouTube channel. She says that she never thought that she would one day talk about food through social media. She did not even know about it.

Yash is 17 years old, and is studying in 11th class. He says that in January of this year, his grandmother was asked to make pav bhaji. Grandma said that she does not know how to make this, so I showed her videos of some recipes. After watching the video, Dadi said that she can make good pav bhaji from it. On that day, Dadi made a really great pav bhaji; every member of the house praised their food. Just in the meantime I thought of starting a grandma’s YouTube channel.

Suman now has more than 600,000 subscribers on her channel.


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