Live coverage: Latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak

Live coverage: Latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak - DesiEngine
Live coverage: Latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak - DesiEngine

The federal government has struck an even deal with the states and territories to cover costs and inject funds into the country’s coronavirus outbreak.

In NSW, a school was closed on Friday after a pupil tested positive for the virus. At least seven people – staff and residents – have also been confirmed as infected at a Sydney aged care facility where Australia recorded its second COVID-19 fatality.

The Queensland government has praised thousands of residents who are abiding by self-isolation notices.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s disaster management authorities have gone into war mode to prepare for a potential outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

The sessions have involved multiple government departments covering all scenarios as 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 are recorded in Queensland.

“It is war gaming but it’s not just (the health department), it’s all government agencies, because the response to this virus is going to require coordination right across the Queensland government,” Health Minister Steven Miles told the ABC.

“This is how we prepare for all sorts of natural disasters … to make sure all our policies and processes are running right.”

A 81-year-old man who returned from Thailand and a 29-year-old woman who travelled from London with a stopover in Singapore were the state’s 12th and 13th cases recorded on Thursday.

“The way in which we prepare for natural disasters is exactly what we’re doing in preparation for a potential coronavirus outbreak,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said today.

“It was a Brisbane-based scenario, a regional based scenario and we also had a tropical cyclone scenario as well.

“We tested everything today and we have procedures and plans in place just as we would when we deal with bushfires and cyclones.”
The recent virus confirmations have renewed calls from the state government for those who feel unwell after returning from overseas to visit a doctor.

Authorities are tracing those who might have come in contact with a 26-year-old Logan man diagnosed with the virus after returning home from Iran.

The state government says it is trying to contact all the people who were on his flight and were sitting within two rows of him.

Fifteen staff members from the emergency department of Brisbane’s Mater Hospital are in self-quarantine for 14 days after they were exposed to a Chinese student who contracted COVID-19.

The hospital said it was a precautionary measure in keeping with advice from Queensland Health.

On Thursday morning, the housemate of the Chinese student was released from hospital after testing negative.

He is now at home and has been advised to self-quarantine.

Eight other patients who contracted the virus have been cleared.

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