Kill the Bill Protests : Clashes between Police and Protesters in Britain

In Britain, clashes between police officers and protesters erupted during a ‘Kill the Bill’ protest in central London. The protest was against the government’s plans to increase police strength. Police have arrested 107 people after the protest.

According to reports, the Metropolitan Police tried to disperse the mob of protesters. However, the protesters hurled stones and other items at the police during this period. Earlier, police had said that at least 10 officers got injured during the clash. The Metropolitan Police said they made arrests for various offenses, including law enforcement and breach of peace.

Demonstrations happening in many places in Britain

Commander Ade Adeleken, who led the police campaign on Saturday in London’s Parliament Square, said most protesters followed social distance and followed police instructions, But some protesters refused to obey the authorities. Protests are taking place in Britain in various places against the bill to increase the power of police, which has been named ‘Kill the Bill’.

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Can not protest without the permission of the police

Protests against the Police and Crime Bill also led to ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstrations in Birmingham, Liverpull, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Brighton, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Looten.

Jeremy Corbyn, a former leader of the Labor Party who addressed the protest in London. He also said that because of this bill, the protest would not be held without the permission of the police. “Stand up for the right to protest,” he told the crowd present there.