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Friday, August 6, 2021

Kangana trolled on social media for saying, ‘Corona is killing humans but the earth is healing’

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The second wave of the COVID pandemic is creating havoc in India. There are reports of two-and-a-half million new cases of COVID every day. At the same time, the Virus has gripped the entire nation. Now, the death figures have increased from thousands to two thousand daily. Meanwhile, the Government and expert agencies are giving tips and tricks to avoid the COVID pandemic.

Amidst all this, Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress, and an active Twitter user gave an opinion on this. She commented that even though COVID is killing humans, the rest of the things on Earth are getting right. After Kangana’s tweet, Twitter users trolled her fiercely.

Kangana tweeted that ‘The humans have created this virus to slow down the economy. They have brought this on themselves. A few people might agree with her. While some may disagree. But no one can deny that the earth is healing’.

After this, Kangana Rawat also tweeted in which she was giving tips to take care of the earth. She tweeted that ‘Let us all be sensible for the earth’

We all should plant 8 trees.
We should stop breeding like rabbits.
We should avoid using plastic.
we shouldn’t waste food.
We should be careful of fools around us.

This is because we humans can take responsibility. Further, she wrote that ‘The people should be careful. If they couldn’t control it, they would kill you.

Kangana’s tweet has garnered a lot of attention from the people. Meanwhile, Twitter users are trolling her. On the other hand, Kangana’s fans are praising her. One user wrote that ‘She should be wise. The user was a staunch supporter of her for a long time. It is not the virus that is healing the earth. It is the humans who are making everything right. The Earth is healing due to lockdown. The COVID Pandemic has only helped China’.

On the same note, another user wrote that ‘Kangana should wake up from her sleep. It is April 2021, not 2020. Her ‘Earth is healing’ tagline is great when people are struggling to live. There was also one user who wrote that ‘She was feeling romantic for the virus, which has already killed thousands of families in India’.

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