Kamala’s Reply to Trump’s Comment to Become a Reality


US President Donald Trump is facing impeachment because of the violence in Capitol Hill by his supporters. The lower house has passed the impeachment motion. However, the Upper House Senate is yet to pass it.

The newly elected Vice President Kamla Harris may lead the trial of Trump. There was a time when Kamala was out of the race for the 2020 presidential election on behalf of her party Democrats.

At that time, Trump taunted Kamala. He tweeted that I will miss you a lot. Responding to his taunt, Kamala had said – “Don’t worry, Mr. President. I will come to your trial”. Interestingly, now it is very likely that Kamala may preside over the trial of Trump in the Senate.

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Experts say that, constitutionally Vice-President is the Speaker of the Upper House. That is why, Kamala may lead the proceedings against this trump. Not only this, if there is an equal vote on the impeachment motion, then her vote will be decisive. After the race for the Democrat nomination, newly elected President Joe Biden suggested Kamala’s name for the post of Vice President.


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