Itaipu Dam


Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Paran River located on the bar between Brazil and Paraguay. The name Itaipu was taken from a construction site. Itaipu, from the Guarani language, means singing stones.

The Itaipú hydroelectric power plant is the largest development of its kind of operation in the world. Built from 1975 to 1991, in a bi-national development on the Paraná River, Itaipú repre-sents the efforts and accomplishments of two neighbouring countries, Brazil and Paraguay.

Though it is the seventh greatest in size in Brazil, the Itaipu’s reservoir has the best relation between production and flood area. The power plant is a major tourism attraction in the Fox do Iguaçú area, having received around 9 million visitors from 162 countries.

According to the magazine American Society of civil Engineers (ASCE), “the true marvel of Itaipú, though, is its powerhouse a single building that puts out 12,600 megawatts enough to power most of California. The height of the dam reaches 196m, its length 7.76km. The lake creates by this 170km long and contains 29 billion tons of water.


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