Islamic Fundamentalism is a Threat to Everyone


French President Emmanuel Macron has been at the target of Muslim organizations around the world. He said, “I understand the feelings of Muslims who have been shocked by the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. However, radical Islam, we are trying to fight is a threat to all people, especially Muslims.”

In an interview with Qatar’s news channel Al Jazeera, Macron said, “I understand and respect these sentiments. But, you have to understand my role right now. In this role, I have to do important things like promoting peace and protecting people’s rights. We will always defend the freedom to speak, write, think and portray in our country.”

In the same month, a man chopped off the head of a teacher, Samuel Petty. The teacher showed a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed from French magazine Charlie Hebdo. After this, there were mass protests in France. Macron defended the slain teacher, saying that we would take strict action against Muslim fundamentalist organizations.


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