Is Third Wave Knocking India’s Door?

India is still battling with the deadly second wave of COVID 19. And now scientists are fearful regarding the third wave. This wave is most likely to affect the children the most. 

Meanwhile, another dreadful statistics has come to light. During April-May 2021, 90 thousand children have been affected by corona in just 2 states of the country. This has raised a question whether India is already in the grip of third wave?

Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar Figures Are Dangerous 

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra has reported about nine thousand COVID positive children only during May 2021. This figure has sent shock waves across the health department. This is an alarm for the third wave. The state government has also initiated the preparations to deal with the third wave of COVID.

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37 Thousand Children Infected in Telangana

According to the reports, a total of 37,332 children have been tested positive for corona in Telangana. This figure is from March to May 2021. These include children from newborn to 19 years of age. Telangana Health Department gave this information. Officials said that from 15 August to 15 September 2020, 19,824 children were infected the first wave of Corona.

Madhya Pradesh: 54 Thousand COVID Positive Children

The condition of Madhya Pradesh is no better. So far, 54 thousand children under the age of 18 tested positive. The infection rate was 6.9 percent. More than 12 thousand children were also admitted to hospitals.

Sero Survey Not Giving A Positive Sign

According to the Sero survey conducted so far in the country, in the first and second wave, a total of 40 percent of the children have been affected by corona. The first wave only affected 15 percent of the children. Meanwhile during the second wave, this figure crossed 25 percent.

In such a situation, it can be said that the danger of the third wave of corona is hovering over the remaining 60 percent of the children of the country. Experts say that the third wave of corona can be very deadly. While many children were also infected during the second wave, the mortality rate remained low. However, how will the third wave affect this rate is unknown.

No Special ICU For Children

According to pediatricians, if the third wave comes for children, then the situation can be very bad. Actually, treatment of children requires special ICU i.e PICU. In India, these PICUs are only available in selected cities. PICU beds are different from normal ICU beds, which are not easy to accommodate for children.