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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Is Politics More Important Than Farmers For Congress And Akalis?

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Earlier, in Punjab, 32 farmers’ organizations met leaders of different political parties. This meeting was important, though remained an unsuccessful one. Moreover, there were Congress leaders, the Akali Dal, the Aam Aadmi Party, the Left parties, and other smaller parties who participated in the meeting. The Farmer leaders had invited all the political parties for the meeting.

The main agenda in this meeting was that there must be no rallies till the elections. Yes, the farmers don’t want the political parties to hold election rallies till the elections in Punjab. According to them, the election rallies divert the attention from the farmer’s movement. Moreover, during this time, the farmers lose the momentum gained by them. As the people’s main focus becomes the elections.

Apart from this, the farmers are also opposing the election rallies. So, there are chances of conflict, which can lead to law and order problems. Both the parties need to solve this matter for the betterment of everyone. During the meeting, the Congress and the Akali Dal representatives said that they will discuss the matter at the party level. Meanwhile, a few small parties have agreed to the demand of the farmers.

Congress State President, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Pargat Singh represented the congress at the meeting. Prem Singh Chandumajra from the Akali Dal, Maheshinder Singh Grewal, Aman Arora from Aam Aadmi Party were also present in the meeting. Interestingly, there were a few leaders from the left parties and other small parties who also attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, the farmer’s organizations didn’t invite the BJP to the meeting. The farmers know the true colors of the Party. Earlier also, the BJP has tricked the farmers many times. Balbir Singh Rajewal was representing the farmer’s leaders. According to him, the farmers are seeking the cooperation of political leaders for the success of their movement.

Punjab is a huge agricultural state. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Punjab Politics. There have also been many times when the farmers and the political parties have shown cooperation.  The Political leaders in Punjab know this, and to seek the blessings of the farmers, the leaders need to listen to them. Moreover, they should at all costs think about the farmers before thinking about their own political interests.

The farmers are protesting against the Center’s three agricultural bills for the last 10 months. Moreover, the farmers have also blocked some parts of the Delhi border. Earlier, in U.P’s Muzaffarnagar, the farmers have shown the government their power by conducting a Kisan Mahapanchayat. That is, everyone is talking about the farmer’s issue now. Despite this, the government is not ready to repeal the agriculture laws.

However, the Punjab BJP’s situation is grim in the state. They are in the margins. Also, the Center might think of turning the farmer’s movement in the wrong direction. This will worsen the situation in Punjab. Bikram Singh Majithia, the SAD leader is repeatedly saying that the central government might create an atmosphere of President’s rule in Punjab. All that, to save the BJP from drowning.

Further, he said that Congress also has lost its significance in Punjab. Meanwhile, the farmers wanted this meeting with the political leaders because they don’t want to worsen the situation in Punjab. However, for the farmers,  just as the farmer’s movement is their priority, elections are a priority for any political party! That is, both of them have different goals.

Mostly, the farmers as a community, have stayed away from politics for a long time. But, the Center had passed and imposed the new agricultural bills on the farmers. The farmers view these bills as a direct attack on their livelihood. Only a movement can curtail these black laws.

Further, the farmers also fear that the Political parties will hijack their movement. In Punjab’s context, the political rallies will drive people towards different parties, which may affect the support for farmers. So, the farmers don’t want political parties to hold election rallies.

Though Congress and the Akali Dal will take a decision on their stand on this issue, as of now, nothing is clear. However, one should remember that political interests are very important for the parties.

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