Is it Fair to Blame Dharamsot till Investigation Report Comes out?


After the matter of Rs 64 Crore, Dalit Student Scholarship Scam has created significant political controversy in Punjab, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has handed over the investigation to Chief Secretary Vinny Mahajan. Social justice and empowerment minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot has been named for allegedly misappropriating Post matric Scholarship funds that were meant for Dalit students. Union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Aam Aadmi party state president Bhagwant Mann, and Lok Insaaf Party leader Simarjeet Kaur are demanding a CBI probe into the case. Even Congress Rajya Sabha MP Pratap Singh Bajwa has raised the issue. Almost everyone is demanding the removal of Dharamsot from the cabinet. The issue is heating up, and for the past few days, various protests have been organised against Dharamsot.

The fact that CM has handed over the investigation to the chief secretary shows that he has taken the matter very seriously. Otherwise, he would not have ordered an enquiry. And as far as the demand for handing over the investigation to CBI is concerned, if CBI has to investigate each and every case, then why do we need a system of the inquiry at lower levels? If lower levels cannot resolve an issue, then CBI can be used. CBI cannot be involved in minor matters.
The opposition parties must have faith in the competence of the chief secretary, and wait for his investigation report. Even the demand to sack Dharamsot is not logical, because accusations do not make one convict. Dharamsot is innocent until proven guilty in the investigation. And sacking an ignorant minister would be fundamentally wrong.
As far as Pratap Singh Bajwa is concerned, it seems that he does not want to hear or say anything that is in the interest of Captain’s government.

According to Captain Amarinder, why does Bajwa forget that during his previous government when Bajwa was the Minister of public works, his name was also involved in various scandals, but he was not removed from the cabinet? Therefore, Bajwa should remember his past.
Although, the allegations made against Dharamsot might prove to be true. But until the truth comes out, it is not fair to treat anyone guilty. Such allegations and blame game is not new in politics. Accusations are made, investigations are done and on the basis of that further action is taken.

There have been allegations that Captain Amarinder Singh and the Badal family work hand-in-hand. But what is the evidence for saying that Captain Amarinder and Badal have planned out a strategy to get turns in power?Why do the opposition parties forget that the gateway to power does not open to anyone without public support? The accusations and arguments made by the opposition may be interesting, but they do not necessarily have to be real.In the context of Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, the opposition parties must wait for the enquiry report. If they are not satisfied with the investigation, then they can ask for a second enquiry.


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