Internal Rift Intensifies in Congress; Sibbal Speaks out Against the Letters

After the results of Bihar elections, there has been a massive increase in civil wars in Congress. At the same time, Kapil Sibal said that how can the oldest political party of the country do without a president for one and a half years. Where do the workers take their problem?
Kapil Sibal made his remarks during an interview, saying that Rahul Gandhi has already expressed that he does not want to become the President of the Congress Party. He also said he did not want someone from the Gandhi family to be elected President of the Party of Congress.

Sibal also speaks about the letter, “I did not make any controversial remarks, they are all facts”. He says that he had written in August, which was his third letter. “Earlier Ghulam Nabi ji had written two letters before this. But still no one spoke to us. So I talked as soon as I got a chance.”

CWC needs to be democratic. In some interviews before this, Kapil Sibal makes his point, when he questioned that if Congress knows the solution? Why is its top leadership hesitating to adopt it? He states this without hesitation, is due to the election of members to the (CWC)Congress Working Committee. The CWC has to be democratic and work according to the constitution of the Congress party. You cannot expect the nominated members to raise the question of why the Congress party is getting weaker election by-election?

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Will have to believe Congress is weak On the dismal performance of the Congress in the by-elections in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, apart from the Bihar assembly elections, Sibal said. “In states where there is an alternative to the ruling party, the people did not show the level of confidence towards the Congress as it should have. We have to accept that we are weak.”