Indians Shine; When the List of Scientists Released by Stanford University


Indians often go abroad for higher education. Many a times they even settle abroad for work. Whether they work as doctors, engineers, or researchers, Indians have managed to earn fame everywhere.

Indians have high skill set compared to others. Recently, Stanford University had released a list of scientists, which had the highest number of scientists from two IITs in India.


In the list, 22 faculty members of IIT Guwahati, as well as researchers, were placed. Apart from this, the list also contained 14 members of IIT BHU (Varanasi). Meanwhile, according to a statement issued by IIT Guwahati, Stanford University experts had listed the names of more than one lakh such scientists. The list included Scientists, whose research work contributed to the progress of their respective fields.


The list included the name of members from IIT Guwahati’s civil engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemical engineering, bio-science and bio-engineering, chemistry, electrical, and electronics department.

FYI, the list by Stanford University has around 1,59,683 names in it. There are 1500 Indians among them. These include engineers, scientists, and doctors. The sole criteria of making it to the list was on the basis of their research papers.


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