Indian Women are More Prone to these Five Types of Cancer


Researchers have identified five major types of cancers that are common in India women. Every year, about 7 lakh new cancer patients emerge in India. If the cancer is diagnosed at the right time, doctors do have a real chance at saving the life of the patient.

The most commonly found cancers in Indian women are Breast, Uterus, Colorectal, Ovarian and Mouth cancer. According to a survey, every eight minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer in India. The main reason for this is lack of awareness about cancer. According to a 2015 report, in most cases, cancer is detected in women in the third or fourth stage.  This reduces the chances of the patient’s survival. In this article, we will tell you about these common types of cancers and their symptoms. 

Causes of Cancer 

There are many causes of cancer in women. It has both internal and external aspects. 6–8 percent of breast and ovarian cancer cases are genetic. Lifestyle causes include obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption. In many cases, early menstruation or late menopause can also be the reason. External factors include air pollution, intake of infected foods and polluted water increase the risk of cancer.

The most common cancers found in Indian Women are –

Breast Cancer –

This is the most commonly found cancer in urban woman. It is also the second common cancer in rural women. Nowadays, breast cancer cases are coming up at an early age. This is due to abnormal changes and growth of cells in the breast, these cells combine to form tumors.

Symptoms – white matter or blood in milk, peel like appearance on the skin of the breast, a lump in the breast or armpit, sunken foreskin of the breast, change in shape.

Cervical cancer –

According to the Indian Council for Cervical Research, around 63 thousand women died in 2015 from cervical cancer in India. A virus called human Papilloma causes it, which mainly spreads through sex. This cancer starts from the cervix, which is the lowest part of the uterus and is located in the upper part of the vaginal tract. From there, this cancer spreads slowly to other parts of the body.

Symptoms- bleeding in the middle of the menstrual cycle, bleeding more than normal, abnormal discharge are warning signs.

Colorectal cancer

It is the third most common cancer in women. It affects the large intestine. However, in most cases, it begins as a non-cancerous cluster of cells, which, if ignored, can become cancerous.

Symptoms- stomach problems including diarrhea or constipation, change in stool for more than four weeks, bleeding from the anus, abdominal pain, weight loss and weakness or fatigue.

Ovarian cancer 

Ovarian cancer is more common in women between 30 and 65 years of age. Those who have a history of stomach, breast or uterine cancer have an increased risk of cancer.

Symptoms – Pelvis (pelvic) or lower abdominal pain, indigestion, frequent urination, loss of appetite, bloating and bloating in the stomach.

Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer affects women as much as men. And the main reason for this is excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol.

Symptoms – Red or white markings in the mouth, formation of lumps, bad lips or gums, bad breath, weak teeth and weight loss. 


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