Indian Restaurant serves COVID Curry and Mask Naan

The global coronavirus pandemic caused a crisis in the restaurant and hotel industry. The situation was not different in India. A new phase of the hotel industry is beginning after the Lockdown ends,Restaurants and hotels are paying particular attention to cleanliness. Also, they are showing a lot of creativity. To spread awareness about Corona, a restaurant has prepared food items by creating a “coronavirus theme”.

A restaurant located in Jodhpur in Rajasthan has prepared unique dishes on the theme of Corona to attract customers. The Restaurant is serving dishes like “Mask Naan” and “COVID curry” as delicious dishes in its menu. The unique thing about this, it seems that Coronavirus is sitting in front of you in a plate.

The chef of this Restaurant has prepared a COVID kofta curry. Kofta is in the shape of a fictional picture of Coronavirus, and Naan is in the shape of a mask. This idea of Restaurant is going viral on social media these days.

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Anil Kumar is the manager of Vedic Restaurant that is serving the Coronavirus themed dish. He says if people are served exciting things, then they will be attracted and will visit their Restaurant with curiosity. The price of corona curry is Rs 220($4.07), while the cost of mask naan is Rs 40($0.74).

The COVID-19 Pandemic has traumatized the people. Even after getting relaxations in Lockdown, people are afraid to come out of their houses. In such a situation, shops and restaurants are devising new ideas to attract customers.