Indian Physicist Rohini Godbole Receives French Honour of Merit


Mumbai’s Physics Scientist Rohini Godbole has received Ordre National du Merite, one of the highest distinctions granted by France to honour eminent persons. Rohini got this award for encouraging women to enter the field of science and for supporting cooperation between France and India. IISc of Bangalore made this announcement on January 13. 

Rohini is a professor at Centre for High Energy Physics in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Born in Pune, Maharashtra, Rohini did her graduation from her hometown. Rohini has a BSc degree from Sir Parshuram Bhau College, Pune. After that, she got her MSc degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai.

Rohini has devoted her entire life to science. She obtained a PhD from New York in 1979. After that she worked as a lecturer and reader in the Physics Department of Bombay University. She became a professor in 1998. In 2019, the Government of India also awarded her the Padma Shri by for the commendable work done by her in the field of Physics. Earlier in 2009, she received the Satyendranath Bose medal. Rohini has edited three books so far. One of her books Lilavati’s daughters is based on women scientists of India. She has also authored more than 150 research papers.


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