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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Indian Parliament Is Passing Crucial Bills In “Minutes”

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This is the third week since the beginning of the monsoon session of Indian Parliament. However the Parliament is still not functioning. The opposition is maintaining a strong stand on the Pegasus issue. Meanwhile the government is firm on its stand.

Due to the constant uproar of the opposition, the operation of the house remained disrupted. However, in the meantime, regardless of the opposition’s position, the government has tabled and passed many important bills in minutes.

Without giving importance to the opinion of other parties and without any parliamentary discussion, the government is passing many important bills. With a mere formality, the bills are being passed. Interestingly, about two and a half lakh rupees are spent in running the Parliament per minute. Government is also wasting crores of people’s tax money everyday.

The Important Bills Passed in Indian Parliament in Minutes (Source- PRS)

Factoring Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2021
Passed by Lok Sabha on July 26 in 13 minutes, including the time to introduce the bill. This bill was also passed in Rajya Sabha in 14 minutes. Only five MPs took part in the debate

The National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management Bill – Passed in six minutes by Lok Sabha on July 26

The Marine Aids to Navigation Bill 2021 – Passed in 40 minutes by Rajya Sabha on July 27

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Bill, 2021 – Passed in 18 minutes from Rajya Sabha on July 28 amidst uproar by the opposition

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill 2021 – Passed by Lok Sabha in five minutes on July 28

Inland Vessels Bill 2021 – Lok Sabha passed the bill in six minutes on 29 July. After that, passed by Rajya Sabha in 33 minutes on 2 August.

The Airport Economics Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Bill 2021 – Passed by Lok Sabha in 14 minutes on 29th July.

The Coconut Development Board (Amendment) Bill 2021 – Passed in five minutes by Rajya Sabha on 29th July.

The General Insurance Business Amendment Bill, 2021 – Passed by Lok Sabha on August 2 within eight minutes.

The government is making crucial amendments in the constitution and working of various institutions in the house. However, passing these bills in minutes without any debates and discussions is harmful for democracy. The government had also passed the farm bills in the parliament without the consent of the opposition. And now the government is doing the same mistake with other Bills.

Meanwhile, no discussion means the government is not taking the point of view of others in to consideration. Once the Indian Parliament passes a bill, it is a very long process to bring about any change to it. From a constitutional point of view also, it will have an impact on the future of crores of Indians.

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