Indian Man Quits his Job as a lecturer to grow Vegetables without Soil


Gurkirpal Singh worked as a lecturer after studying computer engineering. But he quit his job and devoted himself to farming.

Gurkirpal engaged in the hydroponic method of farming. This type of agriculture does not require soil. He grows vegetables using water. With this technique, Gurkirpal has shown a new way of agriculture. With this technique, one can grow vegetables in places as small as 200 square feet.

In an interview with The Better India, 37-year-old Gurkirpal Singh said, “My job was going well, but I wanted to do something different.” In the year 2012, he grew tomatoes on 5500 square feet of land. About 140,000 tomatoes were produced. Later he moved to the greenhouse and started growing capsicum, tomatoes etc. using the hydroponic technique.

The hydroponic technique is a technique from Israel. Gurkirpal made some improvements in this technique according to his needs. In the term Hydroponic, hydro refers to water, and ponic refers to labour. You do not need land or soil for this type of farming. Plants are planted in plastic pipes inside a net house. Temperature is controlled using a timer, and It is set at less than 35 degrees per crop. The roots of the plants are soaked water and nutrients are added to water itself for the plant to thrive and grow.

This technique requires less water. Also, water can be reused. There is no cost for manures. It is overall a beneficial technique of farming. Gurkirpal’s startup Agroponik AGP has an annual turnover of millions due to organic farming. He is currently earning three times than what his previous job offered him. He is also employing many.


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