India Tells UNSC to Enlist Organizations Involved in Violence Against Women


India has asked the UN Security Council to list the terrorist organizations involved in violence against women during armed conflicts. India also emphasized on the need to effectively integrate the issues of women, with peace and security.

In a statement during an open debate at the Security Council on the issue of women, peace and security on Thursday, India said, “We should strongly condemn the violence against women and girls by terrorists”. Violence targeting women destroy the basis on which civilized society rests.

India said that in post-conflict situations, democratic structures and the rule of law are essential to address inequalities that women face. At the same time, it ensures their full and meaningful participation in peaceful and inclusive development.

It is also essential, India said, that the council effectively integrates WPS (Women, Peace and Security) ideas into sanctions, including enlisting terrorist entities involved in violence against women in armed conflicts.India said that the situation of conflict and humanitarian crisis is already hindering the progress of women and girls.

In the debate, India further noted that the lack of health facilities and the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has also put women and girls at risk.India said that through the ‘Action for Peacekeeping’ initiative, member countries are implementing the agenda of women, peace and security. We have been increasing the number of civilian and uniformed women in the peace restoration process.

However, despite the efforts of the United Nations, women represent just 5.4% in the military and 15.1% in peace operations.India reiterated its commitment to work for meaningful participation of women in peace and security issues. India promised that the experience of mainstreaming women’s leadership and political participation would continue to inspire future work.


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