India begins the COVID Vaccination drive


The Corona vaccination campaign began on Saturday in India. It will be a decisive battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be world’s largest vaccination drive and the Vaccines have reached across the country for this. In the first phase of campaign, 30 million people will get vaccinated. These include frontline workers along with health workers. The Prime Minister will launch the COVID-19 Intelligence Network (Co-Win) app, on which every person will have to register.

The person must carry the mobile on which they received the message for the vaccine. Then they will have to arrive on time and produce the photo identity card at the center. If they have any kind of hesitation or question, then the health worker present will guide them. After vaccination, they have to wait at the vaccination center for at least 30 minutes. The person has to get the second dose on the same center. They do not have to go to another center for vaccination.

The Vaccination center will have four sections- 

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Entrance: The authorities will check your identity card at the vaccine center

Confirmation: The authorities will confirm your Identity card on the app

Vaccination: Health workers will vaccinate you

Observation: You will be under the supervision of doctors at the center for 30 minutes

Side effects of vaccine
Mild fever, pain where injections, fatigue.

Central Helpline Number: 01123 978 046, 01123 971075

To get vaccinated, people must register themselves on Co-Win app or website. It includes identification card along with personal information and uploading the full details of any illness. However, with no internet access in rural areas, there can be major problems.

According to Serum CEO Adar Poonawala, 500 million doses will be produced by July. India will also distribute the Vaccine in other countries. That is why, vaccine deficiency is possible in the first six months. The Drug Controller General of India may also approve vaccines of Pfizer, Sputnik V and Moderna after assessing safety and effectiveness.

There are 8931 cold chain centers across the country to protect vaccines at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees. Out of these, maximum 52 percent 15072 centers are in 6 states with one third population. Another 48 percent of the centers are in 30 states.

However, people have their hesitations regarding the vaccines. The main reason for this is the misleading reports on the results and impact of the test. The famous encouraging not getting vaccinated will also have an adverse effect on the campaign. 


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