Incredible Postman D. Sivan walking for 30 years in inaccessible areas 15 km on foot each day.


Chennai – So many examples of hard work, but matter of the spirit of dedication which has come up, everybody is praising his 30 years of service. He did a job and kept delivering letters to the people by walking 15 km every day, even on such an inaccessible path.

Yes, a postman from Tamil Nadu is widely praised on social media. In his career, he delivered letters to those inaccessible areas where life had to be put on his palm.

A postman from Tamil Nadu has suddenly come into the discussion on Twitter. Several tweets have been made one after the other, demanding a reward for him. The postman named D. Sivan has retired after 30 years of service.

In Nilgiris, he used to reach the far-flung areas through a difficult mountainous. In the hills where no one used to go for a bicycle, he used to deliver a letter on foot. He used to walk 15 km of wooded, hilly route. During this time, he encountered wild animals, and sometimes he went through some dangerous incidents in his career. But he continued his job, without fearing it.

He used to say from the beginning that till he is alive and does not retire, he will keep doing his work. He mostly walked along the Nilgiri Mountain track. It is a path of high fluctuations. He continued to deliver his letters to the Bagana labourers living near the forests on the Singar estate.

There is a tunnel on the hill, and It is very dark inside the tunnel. People called this thief Tunnel. Sometimes animals are hidden in it, and there was a possibility of an attack. Sivan used to go through this tunnel many times to deliver letters.

He used to get 12 thousand rupees a month salary. During this time he neither complained of low wages nor withdrew from his duty. He continued his job till retirement. Sivan retired at the age of 65.

Reactions on social media;

IAS Supriya Sahu tweeted a picture of D. Sivan and wrote, ‘Postman D. Sivan used to walk 15 kilometres daily in the thick jungles of Coonoor and face animal’s like elephants, bears and deliver his letters. They would also cross slippery paths, springs and tunnels. He had been working in a similar way for the last 30 years. However, he retired last week.

One user wrote, ‘I interviewed him in the year 2018. It is entitled Bharat Ratna. At least he should be awarded the Padma Shri award. After this, many people reacted to the tweet and tagged the President, requesting Padma Shri for postman D. Sivan.

User Amit Joshi wrote you can find tears and smiles in a postman bag.’


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