Increasing Tendency to “CASH” People’s Feelings


In politics, whoever raised the slogan sat on the high chair, but the one sitting on the high chair doesn’t need to be deserving of the position. It’s not possible to ensure whether this happens overseas or not, but it’s happening in India.

Often Garibi Hatao’s (Remove Poverty) slogan, and sometimes the promise to create a temple for Ram. The nature of the people of India is that they listen to the motto and do not understand the real purpose of the slogan.It must say that those who have adopted the slogan of poverty eradication have begun to eliminate the poor instead of poverty.

Indira Gandhi ‘s new-form slogan has now landed on Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s tongue. Everyone knows where the poor are today. Taking advantage of human vulnerabilities changes its form over time. Politicians know that if you fight in the name of faith, you will get votes. We have seen what has happened since they demolish Babri Masjid.

It remained a part of politics to win votes by promising to create a Ram temple. Modi will now go to Ayodhya on August 5 and do Bhoomi Pujan to begin the temple construction. They ‘re starting politics on that.

NCP leader Sharad Pawar says the country is currently in the grip of the Corona crisis, so the government should make prevention of the epidemic a priority.The temple construction can begin later, too. If seen, Pawar’s saying is not wrong. Pawar also says the government thinks they can stop the epidemic by constructing the temple. The point underlying Pawar ‘s reasoning can not be fundamentally rejected, but Uma Bharti and other BJP leaders strongly opposed Pawar ‘s comment.Their opposition is justified since it is a question of religious faith.
Taking credit for building the temple is also to be taken into the next election.

In politics, their emotions are “cached” solely by making false promises to people. Last few days The slogan of Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, a group of Sikhs living in America, founding Khalistan in Delhi. It is well known that the Delhi Sikhs offer negative support to this slogan. Khalistan thinking maybe “supported” if it is within the scope of the Constitution. Telangana has also become a separate state, separated from Andhra Pradesh.

That is to say; the slogan should have a specific meaning to draw people’s interest by raising slogans.R.S.S also in favour of transforming India into a Hindu nation, It’s opposed too, becauseIndia is a secular country.The whole political scenario thus represents the mindset of the citizens and leaders, while also reflecting the fact that the nation and the country’s citizens are first, all other goals come later.


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