Hume City Council Candidate Taqdir Singh Deol; What’s his vision for the future of Hume?

Jatinder Bhatti; Taqdir Singh Deol is not only popular in the Punjabi and Indian communities because of his pleasant and generous personality and his ability to make a place in the hearts of everyone. Who has worked in the Victoria Police for the last ten years, is now serving as an investigator officer in the Family Violence Investigation Unit.

He is an independent candidate in the Hume City Council elections. I get a chance to speak to him about his vision of Hume.

Jatinder; Does your interest in serving on the Hume City Council stem from a personal interest or goal? Is there something, in particular, you hope to accomplish while serving on the City Council, and why is serving on the Council important to you? Please elaborate.

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Taqdir; I have been living in the Hume Council for the last four years and have been a part of the Hume community for 15 years. Serving a wider community was always my goal rather than personal interest. I started my journey as a member of a small community organisation in the Northern suburbs, where I learnt about various issues faced by various communities and migrants. I have a comprehensive understanding about the viewpoint of the Government on these issues. Moreover, I have been in public service for the last ten years where professionalism, integrity and leadership were my main values. Considering my past experience in community work and my passion to serve the larger community, I am confident and prepared to take on the bigger responsibility. I think by introducing my professional experience in the role of a Councillor, I can increase the transparency between the Council and the community. If elected, my top priority will be to bridge the gap between the New and Emerging communities and Council, and I will work alongside other councillors in order to achieve this aim.

Jatinder; What inspired you to run in Hume Council?

Taqdir;I strongly believe in the term transparency. I firmly believe that ratepayers have the right and are entitled to know how the Council is spending the money collected from them as rates. I can play a pivotal role in doing just that. Hume is one of the fastest-growing areas which is attracting a lot of new and emerging communities. I believe that I can bridge the gap between people and the Council by communicating efficiently and effectively between the two, thereby boosting the confidence of people with regard to living in Hume. The mere thought of achieving all this for my community has inspired me in the past and will keep inspiring me in the future.

Jatinder; Please list any areas you believe the Hume Council could improve upon:

Taqdir; Although there is a lot of room for improvement in many areas, I do understand that there can be financial barriers in achieving those improvements. However, a few things can be done which are not only cost-effective but can also project our community as a warm and welcoming community. I believe when a new person or family moves to Hume City Council and calls it home, the councillor should approach them and introduce themselves. The councillor should provide them with a welcome pack which should include all relevant Council info and important contact numbers.

As a Councillor, I will organise regular meets with elderly people and young people so I can understand their needs and address them accordingly and in a timely manner.

As a community, we have learnt a lot from this pandemic, and we should prepare beforehand for any worst-case scenario.

Jatinder; If you could make one change/improvement what, would that change/improvement be

Taqdir; Make the City of Hume most liveable by keeping it neat and clean and by providing the basic facilities to the public.

I will Advocate :

  • more staff for rubbish removal tasks
  • Enforcing local laws
  • More convenient spring clean-up services
  • Maintaining Smooth and efficient street system
  • Keeping neighbourhoods safe
  • Maintain safe parks and address public needs
  • Providing information to the public
  • Make sure new development sites get equal opportunities as developed areas.

Mainly work as a Team and gather support inside the Council for tasks which can boost confidence in residents of Hume.

Jatinder; I hope the Aitken Ward people will vote thoughtfully and select you for a change. Good Luck Taqdir thanks for sharing your view with people via