Human Intervention Eliminated Three Out of Every Four Non Flying Birds From Earth

After coming to earth, human eliminated three out of every four non-flying birds from earth. Scientists at the University of London’s Center for Biodiversity and Environmental Research and Sweden’s Formation Class University have compiled a list of the 581 species of birds that lived on Earth before human beings. Out of these 226 species could not fly.

However, today only 60 species of flightless birds remain around us. Dr. Faran Seoul is one of the scientists involved in the study. According to him, humans have eliminated hundreds of species worldwide. We can understand the pattern by looking at human role in the eradication of flightless birds. Humans first finish the natural habitat of these birds. Then they easily hunt them down with tools in newly developed equipment and then eliminate them with the creatures they bring along, such as mice, cats, dogs and so on.

According to Prof Tim Blackburn, co-studier of the study, there were no natural predators of these birds even when they did not have the ability to fly. They were either extremely large in size, like the Ostrich. Or they lived on the islands, like the Dodo that was over in Madagascar. There are no big predator animals here. That is why they did not need to fly.

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According to the researchers, in the coming time, the number of birds from the Earth will decrease rapidly. Also the non-flying birds will be extinct first. They give the example of the Hawaiian Islands where there were 3323 species but none survived today. Elsewhere, only penguin, ostrich and rail species birds are seen. There are a total of 60 species belonging to 12 families left. They had 40 families before human arrival.