Miracle Recovery: Human body cures HIV


Human body is the most amazing machine. There are millions of mysterious things that happen inside our bodies that are difficult for science to explain. As scientists all over the world are busy trying to find the cure for the COVID-19 virus, human body has worked another miracle.

For the first time in history the human body cured HIV virus without any treatment. The immune system of of human body managed to completely eliminate the virus.

Till now HIV was incurable for medical science. There was no treatment available to cure the Virus. But this new development has surprised scientists and doctors all over the world. Usually if a person is HIV positive, he or she has to live his entire life with medicines to manage the condition.

But according to reports a person’s body has a eradicated HIV without any treatment. After he tested negative doctors examined 150 million cells of his body. This entire report has been published in science magazine Nature.


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