Huge Sea Creature Found Dead on a Beach


You must have heard stories about the Blue Whale. They are known for their gigantic size. These days’ pictures and videos of a 23 meter (75 foot) long blue whale are going viral on Social Media. This giant blue whale washed up on the coast of Indonesia. People flocked the beach to see such a rare sight.

Later, an examination revealed that the whale was dead.The body of the whale was found on the Na Batu Kepala Beach in Nunhila sub-district of Indonesia. A huge crowd gathered to see this giant creature that washed up on the shore. The local conservation officer said, “It seems the creature did not die here. It must have died a long time ago.” The matter is under investigation. People mourned the death of the Blue Whale.

The video is going viral on social media as users express grief over the death of the sea creature.Experts wanted to find out the cause of death of the giant whale. However, before they could examine the body of the whale, it was swept back into the water by sea waves.
It is to be mentioned that seven whales were found dead in Kupang earlier in October as well. The mysterious deaths of these giant creatures have left everyone bewildered.


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