How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Won the Elections

After four days of struggle, it is finally decided who will be the President of America. Joe Biden of the Democratic Party won this election and will be the 46th President of the country. At the same time, Kamala Harris of Indian origin has been elected the first female Vice President of America. The results of the election in America have made Biden the head of politics, while Kamala has proved effective with this victory.

In such a situation, the question arises about what kind of strategy Biden created that he won, how Biden introduced himself as an influential presidential candidate. Let us tell you how Biden and Harris won this election.

· During the election campaign, Donald Trump presented himself aggressively to the public. Trump was already the target of the strategy adopted for the Coronavirus epidemic. So Joe Biden offered himself as a better alternative to Trump. He introduced himself as a mature leader in every gathering.

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Trump retained the 2016 strategy during the election campaign, and he was very aggressive. Trump gave one strange statement after another. At the same time, Biden took a cautious stance like a storied politician. He addressed small groups of the public. People joined Biden’s rallies by sitting in a car. During this time, Biden appeared wearing a mask to make people aware of Corona.

· In Biden’s election campaign, a theme based on unity, sympathy, compassion and respect for experts was laid. Biden made the public aware of Trump’s mistakes in his election campaign and the damage done to the public.

· Joe Biden formed political groups with thousands of activists and took up the election campaign. Biden also defeated Trump in the matter of collecting funds. Biden received seven thousand crore rupees from the party candidates contesting the election of the Liberals and a House-Congress of Parliament.

· Biden paid particular attention to the Coronavirus and weaved his election campaign around it. He emphasized social distance and wearing masks at his rallies. When the outbreak of the virus increased in the country, Biden did not conduct much of the electoral program. Biden waged the most massive digital campaign in US political history.

· Kamala Harris made gender discrimination an issue in her election campaign. The movement started in America after the death of black American George Floyd, Kamala also benefited from it. He surrounded the Trump administration on this issue.

· Kamala had campaigned in 2011 to provide compensation to the homeless people due to the crash in the banking sector. Her image as a moderate female politician in the US. After the loss of the economy due to Corona, people saw her as the messiah of the poor.

· Biden and Harris had already clarified their position before the results on which issue they would work. He insisted on implementing the plan to control Corona. Apart from this, in view of unemployment, said to implement the economic plan.