How Sydney Sixers cricketer James Vince stays cool under pressure

How Sydney Sixers cricketer James Vince stays cool under pressure - DesiEngine
How Sydney Sixers cricketer James Vince stays cool under pressure - DesiEngine

Travelling for work can be exhausting — even more so when you’re constantly boarding long-haul flights with a toddler in tow. If you’ve ever seen a parent staggering around an airport like an extra from The Walking Dead, you now know why.

It’s all in a day’s work for Sydney Sixers’ star James Vince but, while he and his partner can find bouncing between the UK, India, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia draining, there are plenty of perks for his three-year-old daughter Eliza.

“It can be tough. We try to take the shortest flights but there’s still jet-lag and so she’s up in the middle of the night making all sorts of nosies, and basically making sure we’re up, too,” he said.

“And because I sometimes land two days before a match, that can be challenging, what with bouncing between hotels and apartments and trying to get into some sort of rhythm.

“But Eliza thinks she’s lucky she gets to travel with me so much of the time. She gets to see different countries, different cultures — and different playgrounds.

“I think she really enjoys it and if she needs to sleep in bed with us for the first couple of nights while she gets used to it, then we’re fine with that.”
James has built a reputation as big-hitting batsman for the Sydney Sixers, but when I caught up with him in the lead-up to last night’s final, swinging the willow was the furthest thing from his mind.

With his work in the middle of the pitch coming so naturally to him, it’s the fast-paced and frenetic nature of the fielding that’s become his focus.

“The game has definitely changed from five or 10 years ago and being in top physical shape, being agile and able to throw yourself around on the field, is so important now,” he said.

“So I’ll try and stay away from heavy weights, just to avoid any stiffness, and focus on body weight exercises and lighter stuff so I can stay agile out there.”
James said he’s used to playing on the biggest of stages, thanks largely to calming techniques he uses to make sure his mind is clear of distractions when he walks out onto the pitch, so who better to help us hack staying calm under pressure this week?
“Food and a healthy lifestyle is really it for me, and it really helps from a mental point of view,” James said.

“It helps you to focus on what you need to achieve. Game days, it’s a big meal around lunch time, then a healthy snack before the game so I feel light and agile.”

  1. Sleep it off

“Good food, but also good sleep,” James said.

“That’s what helps you stay clear in your mind, and helps to keep your thoughts focused while you’re out in the middle.”

  1. No more nervous energy

“Exercise is a really big thing,” he said.

“And it’s so easy to do in Australia, whether you’re running on the beach or just spending a lot of time outdoors. From a mental point of view, that’s what keeps me nice and clear in my mind.”

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