Have You Ever seen this Yellow Frogs before?

In this world full of mysteries, some of which is hard to believe are real. In India, during the monsoon season, a variety of insects and animals are seen which do not appear on normal days. A few days, a tremendous number of frogs is seen in village Amgaon.

In recent days, yellow frogs are making a lot of headlines on social media. Some videos have capture yellow frogs coming out in open spaces, and they’re going viral. The habitat and behaviour of the yellow frogs remain mysterious to people.

These rare Yellow Frogs also called bullfrogs. They are not poisonous. They gather only for mating. Their presence around the fields is said to be very beneficial to control pests that damage crops. In the monsoon season, male bullfrogs have the ability to change their colour to attract females.

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These species can be found in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. According to the report, these yellow frogs were seen jumping in a village called Amgaon, 20 km from the Madhya Pradesh district of Narsinghpur. A few days ago, this village received very heavy rains, after which this flock of frogs came out. The village people are surprised by seeing them for the first time.