Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef, stretching an amazing 1,250 miles, or 2,000 kilometres, across the Coral Sea, the area of the Pacific close to Australia’s northeastern coast.

It forms a natural breakwater between the strong waves of the Pacific and the coast of Australia. About three hundred and fifty types of coral live and grow on the Great Barrier Reef. All have different skeleton shapes. One kind of coral look like deer antler! It is called stag horn coral, and is one of the most common corals on the reef.

It is also one of the fastest growers. It can grow up to four inches , or 10 centimetres, a year! Not only do the coral make up the reef itself, but many different creatures. Many types of fish depend on the coral to protect them. Hundreds of miles along the reef have not been explored, but what has, the beauty is breathtaking!


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