Google Maps Will Provide Information On Availability of Medical Oxygen and Hospital Beds

On Monday, the tech giant Google said that it is testing a new feature in Google Maps. This feature will provide information on beds, and medical oxygen availability at select locations. Through this feature people can ask for information related to these things and can also share them with others.

Google said, ‘We are testing a new feature using question and answer in Maps. The facility will also enable people to inquire about the availability of beds and medical oxygen at select locations and share local information. Since it will contain the content entered by the users and not the content from authorized sources, it will be necessary to verify the accuracy and newness of the information before using it. ‘

The tech giant said its teams working in three areas on priority. They want to ensure that people get the most up-to-date and authorized information. Google will promote important messages related to safety and immunization. They will also help affected communities, health officials and other organizations with financial aid.

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