Google CEO Pichai Says Worst Is Yet To Come For India

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has expressed concern over the COVID situation in India. The country is struggling with the second wave of the Corona pandemic. Pichai said that the situation in India could become worse in the coming days due to the pandemic. 

Worst Is yet To Come

Pichai said, “India’s condition is very bad. But I think the worst is yet to come”. Apart from this, he also praised the steps taken by the US government for helping India against Corona pandemic.

Praised America For Helping India

The Google CEO said that it is heartening to see how people sitting at the highest level in the United States are paying attention to the health crisis prevailing in other countries, including India. He said that President Biden, Secretary Blinken and officials at different levels are focusing on how they can help India and other affected countries.

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Countries That Came Forward To Help

It is worth mentioning that Sundar Pichai had recently announced a relief fund of Rs 135 crore for India. Meanwhile, on Friday (30 April), the first consignment of necessary supplies in fighting COVID-19 reached India from the US. It included 440 oxygen cylinders and regulators, 9 lakh 60 thousand rapid diagnostic test kits etc.

Apart from the US, several member countries of the European Union (EU) have also come forward to help India. European Union countries such as Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden announced made announcement on 27 April. They said that they are sending medical supplies such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators through the Union’s civil defense system.

Now France, Italy, Austria and Finland have also joined this list. The EU said in a statement that it is expected that other member countries of the EU, including Germany will also send help in the coming days.