Fourth Round of talks between Government and Farmers Today



· Will give concrete assurance to farmers to maintain mandi-MSP

· Home Minister’s long meeting with Agri-Commerce Minister before the talks

Detailed The conflict between the government and farmers increases over the new agricultural bills. The government has made it clear that it will not mandate procurement on MSP under the new agricultural law. In the fourth round of talks with farmer organizations on Thursday, the government will give concrete assurances of preserving the mandis and retaining the MSP. However, the peasant organizations have said in explicit words that they will not withdraw their movement without making MSP a part of the law.

On Wednesday, Home Minister Amit Shah held a lengthy meeting with Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal ahead of talks with farmer organizations. In this meeting, they are discussing proposals by the government to persuade the farmers. Sources said that in this negotiation, the government will put forward the option of farmers to continue procurement under MSP and preserve mandis. However, what kind of option it will be has not been disclosed as of yet.

Tomar said that MSP was never a part of law After the meeting, Tomar indicated a new proposal to the MSP and farmers on the mandis. He says that he will ensure MSP even without legislation. After knowing the opinion of the farmers, the government will present its option in this regard. The Agriculture Minister refused to make MSP part of the law. He said that the MSP has never been a part of the law before.

Headaches on new proposals According to a government minister, the main reason for the agitation is the confusion over the existence of MSP and Mandis. This is the biggest reason for the deadlock between the government and farmer organizations. The government cannot make MSP part of the law. Now it is a pressing issue on how to give confidence to farmer organizations to retain the MSP without including it in the law. Apart from this, the objections of the farmers are also being continuously studied before the talks.

Tomar confident of resolving the dispute soon The Agriculture Minister hoped to resolve the dispute soon. He said that there are some apprehensions about the MSP and mandis of farmers. We will overcome these fears. MSPs will try to build confidence of retaining. The Agriculture Minister said that during the tenure of the Modi government, more purchases were made under the MSP than the UPA government. The government does not want to end the Mandi system. It wants to provide a second option to farmers to sell crops in addition to mandis. It is possible to double the income of farmers through this route.

Now Swadeshi Jagran Manch expressed concern The Swadeshi Jagran Manch, associated with the Sangh Parivar, also raised concern after the displeasure of the allies over the peasant movement. Ashwini Mahajan associated with the forum said that although the law is good, the apprehensions of farmers in the case of MSP

should be removed at all costs. There is scope for improvement in the current law. The law can be changed to create trust. He said that it is right to give the right to sell food grains outside the market, but in this big private sector companies can put farmers in trouble.


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