For the Third Time in 100 years, Blue Whale Spotted near Sydney Coast


The blue whale is the largest creature in the world. Despite having a hefty body, whales are a rare sight. Scientists researching Wales have to go far to the deep sea to find them. Even then they can rarely find a blue whale.

However, a Blue Whale was recently spotted near a Sydney beach in Australia. A photographer in Sydney was taking pictures of humpback whales. He captured a few images of the blue whale in his camera. This is the third time in the last hundred years that a Blue Whale has appeared near the coast of Sydney.

According to officials at the New South Wales national park and wildlife service, this blue whale is more than 82 feet in length and weighs more than 100,000 kilograms.The Blue whale is the largest creature on earth but is very rare to spot. Due to continuous hunting for almost a century, it is now an endangered animal. As per the report by the World wildlife fund, the total population of blue whales is 10000 to 25000.

According to Andrew Marshall, a ranger of National Parks and Wildlife service, blue whales are rare, and there is no sufficient data about their migration and habitat. A Sydney based photographer name K Sean captured pictures of this blue whale. He also uploaded the photos and videos on social media.


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