For farmers it’s a “do or die” situation


Very recently, the 8th round of meeting between the government and the farmers had concluded. It was a failed meeting as there were no results. Next meeting will be taking place on 15 January. It was clear that the government was in no mood to repeal the farm bills like previous meetings. Also, they were adamant with their stand in the meeting. The agriculture minister Narinder Singh Tomar informed that the talks were done in a cordial manner. He was hopeful for a solution in the next meeting. It is good to be optimistic but when one is stubborn, hope dies.

The government’s continued dialogue and its reluctance to withdraw the agricultural laws clearly shows its intentions. It is Surprising to see the farmers engaging in a cycle of meetings despite knowing the government’s intention regarding the matter! The government knows what is going to happen in the January 15 meeting and the farmers are not even in the dark, yet the order of negotiations is going on. The government knows that farmers who can demonstrate their power by marching in large numbers with tractors can go to any extent.

If this does not happen on 15 January, on Republic Day on 26 January, on one hand the army will demonstrate its strength in Delhi and on the other hand farmers will demonstrate their power on thousands of tractors. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not coming as the chief guest on India’s Republic Day due to the outbreak of Corona epidemic in his country. For this reason he would miss the opportunity to witness the farmers’ tractor march. The Chief Guest cancelling his trip can be a sigh of relief for the Centre, as it would have exposed the current confrontation of the Centre with the farmers. 

The farmers have given in writing for the complete repeal of the farm bills. But the Centre won’t withdraw the bills and so the Delhi will see a wind of change in its atmosphere! They will either die or win fighting against the bills. These are farmers who soil from day to night. They have vowed to die to fulfil their demands. God forbid, if such a day comes, then it will be a day of great failure of the government. Then, there will be beginning of great change in the country. We all know that the government is firm on its stubborn decision.

Meanwhile the Centre’s decision to keep an eye on the decision of the Supreme Court shows that it is in a difficult situation. According to reports, the government wants to resolve the issue in consultation with Jathedar Singh Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh of Shri Akal Takht Sahib. It is difficult to say anything about the relevance of such a hint, but it is certain that Singh Sahab’s advice will be in favour of not only the farmers but the entire human race. Thus, the whole matter as it is heading today is a matter of great concern to all, especially to the Government.

The government should realize that the crisis should be resolved soon. Otherwise farmers can write such records of the country that the “agricultural-dominated” country cannot keep their farmers away from the farm policies. Also, the government cannot climb the ladder of their success.


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