Following Facebook and Twitter, now YouTube Suspends Donald Trump’s Account

Various social media platforms have banned US President Donald Trump. Trump’s tussle with the micro-blogging site Twitter is quite old. But now, Facebook and YouTube have also acted against him. A few days ago, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter removed videos, posts and accounts promoting Trump. Recently, YouTube has also removed new video content uploaded by Donald Trump from its platform. YouTube has also suspended Donald Trump’s channel on charges of violation of terms of service.

In a statement, YouTube said that Trump uploaded a video which was in violation of our policies following which an automatic ban was imposed on his channel. The first ban is for at least seven days. This means Trump will not be able to upload any video to his channel for the next seven days. Apart from the ban, YouTube has also closed the comment section of his channel.

However, the company has not revealed that any of Trump’s videos violated its policies. Trump’s channel on YouTube has a name, “Donald J. Trump”. It has a subscriber base of 2.77 million. YouTube puts three strikes on a channel for violation of policies and then they permanently block the channel.

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Earlier the American civil rights group demanded to remove Trump’s videos from YouTube and ban his channel. The group had warned that if Google does not do so, it will be boycotted.