Five-Year-Old Kid Saves his Mother’s Life

A five-year-old kid saved his mother’s life with his wisdom. The incident is from Telford, England.A diabetic woman fell unconscious. If she would not have been taken to the hospital at the right time she might have slipped into a coma or could have died. But her five-year-old child managed to save her life.

Five-year-old Josh Chapman was playing with his brother. He saw that his mother fell on the ground. Without any delay, he dialled the emergency number 112 written on his toy ambulance. 112 is the single European emergency number. He informed the police about his mother.

The police superintendent said that even a little delay could have resulted in the death of josh’s mother. The policeman appreciated him for his wisdom.Police took the mother to the hospital. The doctors said that the woman was in a diabetic coma. Her sugar level dropped low drastically, which is why she collapsed.

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