Farmers Beat Corona


The Corona pandemic has left an impact on almost every aspect of people’s lives. People will remember this pandemic as a heart-wrenching tragedy in the years to come. Manufacturing, trade, transportation, education and almost all other types of businesses have fallen victims of Corona. As a result, the economy is in shambles.

In these disastrous times, there is the only agriculture sector, where farmers have shown new possibilities with their hard work. The farmers did not allow Corona to impact their fields and their work. The statistics related to Kharif crops provide evidence for the same.According to official figures, out of 1066.44 lakh hectares of land available in the country, Kharif crops were sown on 1032.22 lakh hectares, compared to 1009.98 lakh hectares of last year. There is a significant increase in cultivation on 22.24 lakh hectares of land.

As far as paddy is concerned, it is cultivated on 35.40 lakh hectares of farmland this year. Pulses are sown in extra 5.91 lakh hectares. Similarly, the area for cotton and oilseed crops is also increased.This shows that farmers have bravely fought the pandemic and have not allowed their work to be halted. While the country is having a significant slowdown in other sectors, farmers have left no stone unturned to save the country’s economy. They have been a great relief for the government.

However, on the other hand, the government has been trying to harm the interests of the farmers by giving more importance to big enterprises.Everybody knows the intention behind the three ordinances bought by the central government. Farmer organizations and various political parties have opposed the regulations. The Punjab Legislative Assembly even passed a resolution in a special one-day session to repeal these ordinances. Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh has been strongly opposing these ordinances.

A few years back, the captain’s government scrapped the river water agreement in the Assembly. This is the second time when Punjab chief minister has repealed an ordinance in the interest of farmers.Akali dal president Sukhbir Badal has been trying to alleviate the situation by showing a letter from the centre, but the reality is clear. The entire scenario undoubtedly reflects on the fact that the central government does not stand with the interest of the farmers.

The figures, as mentioned earlier, prove that area under cultivation has increased this year compared to the previous year. This happened at a time when the country is under lockdown. There are curfews and several sanctions imposed. The situation has not improved. COVID cases and deaths are increasing every day. Mother Nature is relentless. In this situation, if there is anyone who is showing compassion, then it is the farmer who is doing their duty and fighting the pandemic bravely.

Can the government not see the faces of the farmers of this country who fight only for their rights and demand nothing more? You can imagine the rulers ‘mindset, who is trying to get the bread out of the country’s Annadatas’ mouths.


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