Farmers are Renting Rooms at Delhi Borders To Avoid Cold and Rain


The farmers have completed 59th day of protest against farm laws. They have settled an entire city on the Singhu Border. However, the farmers are still suffering from winter and rain. Many farmers have lost their lives. 

Now the farmers are renting accommodations in surrounding areas to avoid rain and cold. They are also paying three to five thousand as rent for these houses.  

A Farmer who came from Amritsar said, “Since the movement started, I am here with my family. We came with other villagers in batches. We stayed outside for a few days. But as the cold is getting severe, our troubles are increasing. So we found a small house to rent in the villages near the border. We participate in the movement throughout the day. After that we come to the house to rest at night. Having a house also protects against cold and rain. We are paying five thousand rupees for a small room.

Kishan Rana, who lives in the Singhu Border area, said that some farmers had started living in rented houses in the surrounding areas even before the rain. While some are staying for 15 days, some are choosing to rent a room for one to two months. I have also leased my shop to some people to live. About five to seven people stay there every day. Many people around us are also renting their properties for one to two days.

Significantly, the deadlock between the farmer and the government remains unresolved. Farmers’ organizations are also not satisfied with the Supreme Court’s committee decision. In a meeting held on Friday, the farmers rejected the government’s proposal to suspend the laws for one and a half years. There are two major demands of farmer organizations to guarantee the purchase of crops on MSP and the cancellation of all three agricultural laws.


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