Farmers Angry with Central Government Regarding Farm Laws

Farmers shout slogans as they burn an effigy during a protest against the newly passed farm bills at Singhu border near Delhi, India, November 28, 2020. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Farmers are protesting against the enactment of three new laws on the road. There was only one thing on the tongue of the farmers going towards Delhi while protesting for what the government is trying to incite them by forcibly using force when they are peacefully raising their demands. They are willing to take a bullet on their chest to meet their demands. They are fighting for their legitimate demands. In such a situation, the government is doing wrong by putting an opposition in their way. The Annadata will fight for his right and return only after winning.

The central government should fulfill the legitimate demands of the farmers with immediate effect. Farmers are the backbone of the country. In such a situation, instead of helping the farmers, the government is trying to suppress them. Everyone has the right to raise their voice in democracy. In such a situation, the government should talk to them and fulfill the demands, except they use force on the farmers. – Balvindra Singh Samana, Jamuri Kisan Sabha, Patiala Punjab

They are forcing the peasant to fight for his right on the road. We are going to speak peacefully. In such a situation, they use force on us to suppress us from place to place. It is unfair to the farmers and the farmer will not tolerate it under any circumstances. The government is treating the farmers like terrorists by putting barricades every two-three kilometers. Farmers are not going to stopping anywhere. Will definitely go to Delhi to agree to legitimate demands. – Sardar Numberdar Singh, Bajawa Kalan, Jalandhar, Punjab

The farmer works hard throughout the day to feed the nation. Provides food to every man. Despite this, the government has brought a law against them instead of doing their best work. The government should immediately withdraw the anti-farmer laws. When the farmer does not want these laws, in whose interest does it serve? It is beyond comprehension. These should be withdrawn immediately. – Sukhvindra Singh, Mohali Punjab

Farmers are being stopped by putting barricades in place. Farmers are not going to back down. The farmer is ready to take a shot to meet his demand. The government should take decisions in the interest of farmers. It is the farmer who plays the most important role in taking the country forward. In such a situation, instead of attempting to forcefully crush the peaceful movement of the farmers, the government should fulfill their demands. – Sardar Balkar Singh, Amritsar, Punjab

The farmer makes the country happy forever. Central government policies will force him to starve. The government should enact laws in the interest of farmers. The farmer has gone out to get his demand. Now the farmer will not back down from eating the bullet. The farmer cannot be stopped with tear gas and water. The farmer remains in water throughout the day. The government should accept his demands. – Mahabir Singh, Amritsar, Punjab

Farmers and soldiers on the border have always worked for the benefit of the country. In such a situation, the government should think about their welfare. Instead of working in the interest of the farmers, this government is engaged in promoting the capitalists. The government should take the farmers forward for the progress of the country, so that the

country will move ahead on its own. The government should immediately withdraw the anti-farmer law. – Major Singh, Amritsar, Punjab

The government is suppressing the farmers. Instead of paying a fair price to the crop of farmers, it is working to take the country to ruin by ruining them. The government should work in the interest of farmers so that the country can progress. The farmers are moving ahead without any violence and the government is adopting every gimmick to stop them, which the farmer will not tolerate. – Jaspal Singh Bajwa, Gurdaspur, Punjab

The central government should bring laws that will benefit the farmers. On the contrary, the government is trying to suppress them. Had the three new laws been in favor of the farmers, they would not have been forced to hit the road. The government is trying to deprive them of land. The farmers of Punjab have stood up against this. The farmers of Haryana are getting all possible support. They will go back only after agreeing to the demand. – Ranjit Singh, Bhakiu Revolutionary, Patiala Punjab


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