Farmer Protest: Farmers Can Take Big Decision On 11 January


The farmers fixed the date of their meeting on Friday after negotiations between the agitating farmers and the government to demand the repeal of the agricultural law were inconclusive. A joint Kisan Morcha meeting is to held on the Kundali border on January 10, to discuss the government’s stand.

The next day of this, is the hearing in the Supreme Court on 11 January. Seeing the government’s stand there, the farmers will take a big decision. The government is somehow trying to convince the farmer leaders in view of the announcement of the 26 January parade, while the farmers are not ready to back down.

According to Shamsher Singh Dahiya, national general secretary of the Bharatiya Kisaan Union, “the farmers’ organizations are confident that the Supreme Court will take a decision in favor of the farmers. Now farmers are waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court, because there is no hope from the government. The government has made its stand clear that it will consider amendment instead of repealing the law.”

He said that the farmer is ready to die here and he will not retreat even a step. He said that the farmers have declared agitation and the trial of 26 January parade has been successful. Now the government will tell what it wants. They have to solve their problem or attack the farmer. Along with this, the peasants have increased public relations to intensify the movement and have started to appeal to send a person from every household.. Farmer leader Hannan Mollah, says that the farmers will run this movement till death. Now the United Front will take its final decision on 11 January. There will also be a decision on whether or not to go to the next meeting for talks. For the government too, the problem is constantly increasing and the reason is that if no solution is found before January 26, there may be a conflict regarding the parade. Therefore, the government is also trying to convince the farmers before 26 January. In such a situation, the conversation of January 15 is considered very important.


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