Extinct Large Blue Butterfly Returns in Britain


Butterflies are beautiful insects, and almost everyone must have seen them. Their colourful wings attract everyone. However, did you know that some 1500 different types of butterflies can be found in India?

Recently, a rare butterfly made its return in Britain. This unique Butterfly has appeared for the first time in 150 years. This Butterfly called Large Blue Butterfly. According to the Guardian, this Butterfly was officially declared extinct in 1979. But with continuous efforts from The National Trust, the species has returned.

The Rodborough Commons gave 867 acres of land to keep the butterflies safe. In between the Corona Pandemic, these butterflies have returned after 150 years. There are about 750 Large Blue Butterflies now. For this, scientists released around 1,100 of the butterfly larvae at the West Country locations.

After four decades of worldwide extinction, this butterfly species has now returned in large numbers in Britain. The return of the Large Blue Butterfly is undoubtedly the most successful insect breeding project worldwide.Moreover, the Large Blue Butterfly has a pretty exciting life cycle, which involves a grisly betrayal!

The butterfly larvae trick a species of red ant into carrying them to their nest where they stay and feed on the ant grubs before emerging as a butterfly the next year. According to reports, Professor Jeremy Thomas and David Simcox studied the breeding patterns of this Butterfly for years. The return of this Butterfly is a significant achievement.


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