Excessive Yawning may be a Sign of a Serious illness


Yawning is a natural reaction in human bodies. Often it happens that whenever we see someone yawn, we also yawn. Some yawns are short-lived while some are long.
In the year 2013, a study was published in the international journal of applied and basic medical research, which revealed that yawning helps to control the temperature in the brain. However, frequent or excessive yawning can be because of many problems in the body. If you get too much yawning, then it can be a sign of any of these things –

If you are getting too much yawning, then it may be because you are exhausted. But if it happens very often, then you must go to a doctor and get yourself checked.

Sleep problems, such as sleep apnea and insomnia, may also lead to repeated yawning.
Your body responds by yawning to some stressful situations like restlessness anxiety depression.

Depression can cause many serious illnesses in the human body.

Excessive use of pain-relieving drugs may also cause excessive yawning. One must be aware that consuming more medicines is harmful to health.


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