Ethics have no Place in Politics: All can be Bought and Sold

There are only a few leaders who have made name for themselves in politics. But the list of other leaders is quite long. There are many leaders who have given their entire life to politics. Yet, they have not been able to establish their own identity. Shouting slogans doesn’t make a leader the messiah of the people. If that was the case then there won’t be any leaders in the parties. All leaders would be messiah then. Just by hearing the slogans, people do not make anyone their leader.

Only two leaders have made a name for themselves in Punjab. They are Akali Dal’s chief Prakash Singh Badal and Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. In the race to overtake each other, there were other leaders too who could not establish themselves. People have not seen Prakash Singh Badal in the public domain for some time. It is because of his old age. Meanwhile, the media mentions him frequently. Captain Amarinder’s name is synonymous with the name of Punjab. Just like there is one Captain in a team, he is the Captain of Punjab. 

Similarly, on the national level, Arvind Kejriwal holds a tremendous name in Delhi politics. While Yogi Aditya Nath has made a name in State politics, he is still under PM Narendra Modi’s shadow. Nitish Kumar, once known as Susashan Babu has also lost his charm. It is because of his attachment to his chair.  Uddhav Thackeray from Maharashtra parted ways with BJP and joined hands with Congress and NCP. It was done for the Chief Minister’s chair.

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In today’s era, there is a lack of principle in politics. People hold the chair very dear to them. As far as West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is concerned, she has never compromised on her principles. She lives a simple life. Mamta doesn’t have a child and is a fearless woman. She always sides with the truth. That is why she has become a major challenge for the veteran leaders of BJP.

Only the future can predict if BJP succeeds in forming the government in West Bengal elections. But elections there will be the biggest fight for the BJP. Home Minister Amit Shah has made the Bengal election a matter of prestige. It is because of Mamata, Amit Shah has committed himself to the cause of the Bengal elections. On the other hand, Mamta also knows that if her government falls, all her political austerities will be a thing of the past. It is particularly noteworthy here that the BJP has Government in the center.

The BJP has prominent leaders like Modi, Party president JP Nadda and Amit Shah. But the BJP doesn’t have a leader in Bengal who can be projected as a chief minister candidate against Mamata. This is the weak point of BJP. Mamta came to power defeating the communists who had ruled for almost three decades. As mentioned in the beginning, all are leaders, but established leaders are very few. Mamta is an established leader whose alternative BJP does not have.

Despite this, the BJP can win the Bengal election in the name of Modi. But, it will be Modi’s victory and not the BJP’s. That is, entering politics and making a separate place in politics are two different things. There is a tendency of leaders to compromise their principles for the sake of the chair. This reason has drastically reduced the level of politics in India. In this regard, former Prime Minister V.P. Singh, who is no longer among us, wrote in one of his books, “I am for sale, I want a buyer.”