Entire Village Celebrated the Birth of a Baby Boy

While most countries around the world are struggling with the population explosion, there exists a village where there have been only 28 people for the last eight years.

This village is Monterone, in Lombardy Province of Italy.Recently, there has been a rise in the population here. A baby boy had been born in this village a few days ago, making the population total 29. For the last eight years, only 28 people were living in this village, but on Sunday with the birth of a baby boy, the population rose to 29.

According to the Guardian, the entire village is celebrating the birth of this child; there is a festival atmosphere. The villagers have named the baby boy Dennis.His parents, upholding the year-old tradition of their village, cut a blue ribbon on the door of their house. This tradition, a blue ribbon is bought for a son, and a pink ribbon is purchased for a daughter.After the birth of the child, the parents enter the house only after cutting the ribbon.

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Dennis’s mother Corriere Della Sera, talking to media in an interview said that it was not easy for her to be pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not possible to go out or meet the relatives and loved ones. She told us that the pandemic has spread all over the country. In such a situation, she was scared to go to the hospital, but God blesses everyone.

The people of the entire village are delighted with the arrival of Dennis. Sera also told that before Dennis, a girl was born in the village in 2012.