Entire City Waterlogged in a Few Hours of Rain


The government of Haryana changed the name of the city of Gurgaon to Smart City, Gurugram. However, heavy rains on Wednesday in the municipality exposed the reality of the smart city of Gurugram. The pictures shared on social media are quite impressive.

The entire city has submerged in water. Cars are drowning. Images from Golf Course Road, Sector 10, DLF Phase 4 are going viral. Hashtag #Gurugram was trending on Twitter as people started sharing photos and videos.In one instance, after a car drowned people sitting inside had to swim and come out. All of this happened in just a few hours of rain.

The city has a reputation for its expensive buildings, elite housing and shopping malls. However, on Wednesday, people stuck in their houses were rescued on boats.
Indian Meteorological Department had already warned about heavy rains.


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