Drug Smuggling Cat Escapes Sri Lanka Prison


You must have seen or heard about notorious criminals smuggling drugs. But have you ever seen or heard about a cat smuggling drugs?

This unique case has been reported in Sri Lanka. Police caught a cat with about two grams of Heroin, two sim cards and a memory chip. They detained the cat. However, the cat dodged the Police and escaped.

According to media reports, security officials of a High-Security Prison caught this cat. They found about two grams of Heroin, two sim cards and a memory chip in a small plastic bag under its neck. The officials kept the cat in a room from which it escaped on Sunday. The Police are on a lookout for the cat and the smugglers behind it.

Sri Lanka has reported an increase in drug trafficking, according to the Police. Some “spies” of anti-narcotics are also involved. These smugglers use animals to deliver drugs to buyers because it doesn’t raise suspicion. Police are making plans to catch these people.
Recently, Police also caught an eagle who was smuggling drugs.


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