Drinking Milk with these Items will turn out to be Harmful


Milk is a nutrient-rich diet. It is a complete diet. Nutrients found in milk play an essential role in the development of children. Calcium found in milk makes the bones and teeth of children strong. Regularly adding milk to the diet of children is also known to increase their height.

Ayurveda has prescribed rules for drinking every item. Similarly, drinking milk also has a good time. Drinking milk at the right time gives one more benefit. Let’s know at what time one should drink milk and with which things should not be consumed.

You should never consume milk with sour fruits. According to Ayurveda, milk should not be consumed with fruits like orange, amla, green apple, pineapple, lemon and peach. If one has consumed these things, then they prescribed to drink milk after at least two hours. Drinking milk with citric fruits can cause problems indigestion.

Radish too should not be consumed with milk. This can cause problems like sore throat, cough. Therefore, the consumption of radish immediately or together with milk in Ayurveda has been forbidden.

Salty things should never be consumed after drinking milk. One should never consume milk with fish or other non-vegetarian food items. This can cause acidity and other stomach problems.

You can give milk to children in the morning, but elders should always drink milk at night. Drinking milk at night is more beneficial. This helps one sleep well. People who do gym and workout can drink milk in the morning, but night time is considered the best for drinking milk.


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