Do you want some tips about your car when Lock down Ends?


Tata Automotive mechanics has some tips to keep it running

  1. With COVID-19 forcing many people to work from home, vehicles may not be in use as they once were.
  2. So Purshotam  says it’s a good idea to “fire it up” and take it for a drive around the block a few times to keep it in good shape.
  3. Purshotam also says rust on brakes and a drained battery are common issues he sees when a vehicles is not used for a while.
  4. Also check your tyre pressure as well when you hit the road again.
  5. You’ll find over time that the battery will drain slowly. You may find it will have to be boosted after it sits for about a month or so,” he said.
  6. “Brakes will rust up, and they’ll make a lot of noise and you won’t be able to stop nearly as quickly.” 
  7. He said if your car is taking longer to start or is driving sluggish; it may be time to get it checked.
  8. Though business has slowed down at his shop since the pandemic hit, they are seeing a boost in car batteries that need to be checked.
  9. “We are seeing more cars having to get boosted and brought in to have batteries and charging systems checked,” he said.
  10. If you have any issue like that we offer you free check up, you can bring your car 4 Aylward Ave, Thomastown 3074, Melbourne, between 10am to 6 pm ,Monday to Friday 03 9469 2229 or call us we will be pleased to assist you.


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