Diwali 2020; Avoid Gifting These Things to Your Friends and Relatives


The festival of lights, Diwali is approaching. On Diwali, it is the tradition to send gift to your relatives and friends. However, there are some gifts that you must avoid on Diwali. We choose auspicious things to gifts to others on Diwali. But, there are many things that are considered inauspicious and must be avoided. So, if you are going to buy gifts for Diwali, then it is important that you read this article to know which gifts are considered inauspicious and must be avoided.

1. Lakshmi ji; While Lakshmi Pujan is most auspicious part of Diwali. It is very inauspicious to offer an idol or picture of Goddess Kamala to another person. A person should always buy the idol of Lakshmi by himself. If we give this as gift to someone, then we give the Lakshmi of our house to that person.

2. Anything Black; It is inauspicious to give any black gift on Diwali. By doing so, there is a negative effect in the life of the one who accepts the gift. We must choose a different color for gifting. We should avoid black paper to pack gifts. However, electronic items can be gifted in black.

3. The clock; Giving clocks and watches as gifts during Diwali is also very inauspicious. People believe that if we give someone a watch as a gift, then we also give our time to him. If our time is going well then the person gets a good time and if it is the time of crisis, then the other person will also face troubles.So we must avoid gifting watches and clocks as gifts.

4. Leather gifts; Offering a leather gift is not good in Hinduism, especially on Diwali. Never give leather belts, jackets, bags, etc. to anyone on Diwali. But if you are giving someone any type of leather made products, like shoes etc then definitely give sweets with it.


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