Death Valley of America, Where Tourists go to take Selfies with Extreme Thermometers


These days, the new trend of heat tourism is in sensation around the world. In New Zealand, Europe, China and America, its charm has increased significantly. People have travel thousands of miles to go to the ‘Death Valley’ of Nevada in the US and take selfies with thermometers there. In September last month, Death Valley was in the limelight due to the hottest place on earth. As soon as this news became viral, heat tourism increased there.

The biggest problem of Death Valley is that the temperature here often rises to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The heat there can kill. In the year 1913, it measured a record temperature of 134.06 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no presence of any water bodies here. Water found is rare and saline. Unfit for human survival, it is considered as the hottest place on the planet.

Death Valley has always been a centre of attraction for tourists. Walking here feels like one’s walking in a microwave oven. Every year more than 5 lakh people visit the valley. Tourists especially come here to take the heat picture. People post on social media by taking a picture with an extreme thermometer mounted in Death Valley.

According to the NPR report, many people from New Zealand, Europe and China come to experience the Death Valley. Tourists come to this place for thousands of kilometres only to experience the hot weather and take selfies with a huge thermometer mounted there.
People from Europe come here to experience the temperature. Because they have never experienced or even heard about such temperature in their country. Many tourists visiting Death Valley sit in their cars with AC turned on, and as the temperature rises, they rush to take a selfie with a thermometer.


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